Israeli polling stations open

Israeli polling stations open

The polling stations have already opened in Israel in a day in which the next Parliament will be elected and in which the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, re-election is played.

At 07:00 a.m., local time (0400 GMT), access was allowed to the 10,720 polls distributed throughout the country, most of them in polling stations, but also in some two hundred hospitals and more than fifty prisons.

Election day is a national holiday, so most Israelis do not work today and may exercise their right to vote until 22.00 local time.

Of the nearly nine million Israelis, they have the right to vote 6,339,279, an increase of 8.1% with respect to past elections.

The Police will highlight 17,000 agents, border police and volunteers who will be deployed to maintain public order.

The first to vote were the diplomats and employees in the embassies and consulates abroad, and soldiers of the Army, with the suffrage that was enabled on Sunday in the different military bases of the country.

These elections will serve to constitute the 21st Israeli parliament (Knesset) and the 35th Government of Israel and participate a record number of 40 parties.

The Israelis will elect their representatives in a Chamber of 120 seats, for whose access the parties have to overcome 3.25% of the votes cast.

As a curious fact, 400 million ballots have been printed, for which 170 tons of paper have been used.

The main electoral lists:

– LIKUD, led by the Prime Minister during the last decade, Benjamin Netanyahu.

– BLUE AND WHITE (Kajol Lavan): main opposition coalition, formed in February by the union of Yesh Atid (Hay Futuro, by Yair Lapid), Resiliencia Israel (by Beni Gantz) and Telem. The head of the list is the former head of the Gantz Army General Staff, with an alternating agreement with Lapid.

– LABORIST (Havoda): Historical party, led by Avi Gabai

– UNITED JUDAISM OF THE TORAH (Yahadut HaTora HaMeuhedet), ultra-Orthodox Ashkenazi Jews (of European origin) and their leader is Yaakov Litzman.

– NEW RIGHT (Hayemin Hehadash), recently founded and led by Naftali Benet (Education Minister) and Ayelet Shaked (Minister of Justice).

– HADASH-TAL, a Hadash union, made up of the communist party and other leftist groups, and Tal, one of the main Arab parties in Israel. Its leaders are Ayman Odeh (first on the list) and Ahmed Tibi, respectively.

– UNION OF RIGHT PARTIES (Ijud Miflagot Hayemin): alliance of three of the most radical right-wing parties, including the Jewish Power, which has disciples of the late Rabbi Meir Kajane. The leader of the alliance is Rafi Peretz.

– SHAS: Mizrahi ultra-Orthodox Jews (from the Middle East and North Africa) and their leader is Arie Deri.

– IDENTITY (Zehut), Moshe Feiglin, expelled years ago from the Likud for his extremist positions. Marijuana

– MERETZ, by Tamar Zandberg.

– Others: Israel Our Home (Israel Beiteinu), Kulanu, Gesher and Ram-Balad.


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