Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Israel still has no final election results two days after the elections

Israel still has no final election results two days after the elections

The Israeli Central Electoral Committee has not yet published the final result of the elections on 9 and the count of the last ballots will determine whether New Right, of the Minister of Education, Naftalí Benet, obtains four seats or stays out of the Chamber, what will determine possible pacts.

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The indeterminacy that has caused the delay of the count does not allow to value possible negotiation strategies and may vary the demands that the small parties will make to the Likud of the current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to participate in the coalition government, since the entry or not of the newly created New Right - of Benet and the holder of Justice, Ayelet Shaked - in the Knesset (Parliament) can open the alternatives of partners.

According to the national radio station Kan, the progress of the recount (with 99% counted, according to the media) would place New Right with 3.26% of the valid votes cast, exceeding by the minimum threshold of 3.25% required by law to enter the Chamber.

Netanyahu and Likud have already declared their intention to reissue a coalition of right-wing and religious parties, with which they have begun to negotiate, ruling out the option of creating a unity government with the Blue and White formation, led by Beni Gantz and Yair Lapid, whom he equaled in votes.

According to the provisional results, both Blue and White and Likud have obtained 34 seats. Yesterday, with 97% counted, they were calculated 35 each, but the figure varies with the possible entry into the game of New Right.

The current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, will have to form a majority of at least 61 seats.

He could achieve this by negotiating support with the ultra-Orthodox Shas and United Torah Judaism (8 and 7 seats, respectively), Israel Our Home (by Avigdor Lieberman and with 5 seats), Union of Right Parties (by Amir Peretz, 4 seats), Kulanu (4 seats) and New Right (Benet and Shaked, which are debated between zero and four seats).

All of them add, predictably, 66 seats. But you could also get majorities of 61 or 62 seats if one of them finally decides not to enter the Executive.

Lapid said yesterday that he does not intend to enter a government coalition (next to Likud, which would give them an automatic majority of 64 seats without having to negotiate with small parties) and that Blue and White will serve as an opposition party.


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