Israel restricts civilian activities near Gaza after the launch of 30 rockets

The Israeli authorities have limited civil activities in the communities near Gaza, after the launch tonight by Palestinian militias of around 30 rockets and mortar shells, which caused no casualties and were responded with bombing of military targets.

In the communities adjacent to the Strip, the Internal Front Command has ordered that schools and educational centers be closed, that adults do not go to work except if they have a nearby air defense shelter and limited public services.

It has also banned the meetings of more than 300 people in enclosed spaces and has ordered that no agricultural work be carried out.

The measures affect the regional councils of Hof Ashkelon, Merhavim and Bnei Shimon and the cities of Netivot, Ofakim and Ashkelon.

Throughout the night, the anti-aircraft alarms have been continuously sounding in these areas, as well as in the Regional Council of Eshkol and Shaar HaNegev and in the city of Sderot.

According to Army data, Palestinian militias launched between 10 pm and 3 am local time (20.00-1.00 GMT) approximately 30 projectiles "of which the Iron Dome air defense system intercepted several and the rest fell in empty areas. "

In response, "Israeli Defense Force fighters attacked about 15 terrorist targets in the northern Gaza Strip, including a military compound in Beit Hanoun and another Palestinian Islamic Jihad military complex. in Beit Lahia. "

The army said in a statement that "it considers Hamas responsible for all the events that take place inside Gaza and that emanate from the enclave", under blockade and that the Islamist group governs de facto since 2007.

Last night, official sources of Hamas assured that they had reached a truce with Israel, mediated by Egypt, by which the parties would respect a ceasefire, which according to the media would begin tonight.

The fire however continued during the early morning and the anti-aircraft alarms continued sounding in several locations at least until three in the morning (01.00 GMT).

Yesterday there was an escalation of tension with the launch in the early morning of a rocket from Gaza that hit an Israeli home at 120 kilometers and wounded seven people in a family, including three children under 12, 3 and a year and a half.

The situation forced the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to suspend the trip he had started in Washington, where he met President Donald Trump yesterday, and return earlier than expected to face the security situation in Israel, where he is expected I landed this morning.


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