July 25, 2021

Israel reduces the area of ​​fishing allowed in Gaza in retaliation for violence

Israel reduces the area of ​​fishing allowed in Gaza in retaliation for violence

Israel ordered today to reduce the permitted fishing zone in Gaza from nine to six nautical miles, in retaliation for the violence along the border between the strip and the Israeli territory.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman consulted with other security officials, including the security services, intelligence and military agencies, and made the decision "after the violent riots on the fence over the weekend and the attempts to damage and challenge the Army, "a statement said.

In addition, he urged that preparations be made to take additional measures "if the violence continues."

Three Palestinians, including a minor, were killed yesterday by a shot in the head by Israeli forces and another 126 were wounded during the riots that broke out in the protests that are repeated every Friday in Gaza, along the border with Israel, as part of the so-called Great Return March, reported the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the strip.

According to the Israeli army, some 20,000 Palestinians approached the divide to participate in the demonstration, during which "rioters" launched "explosive devices and grenades, dropped burning wheels and threw stones at the soldiers and the security fence," what the troops responded "with means of mass dispersion and real fire".

Israel also carried out two retaliatory bombings in northern Gaza in response to the launching of explosives.

Recently the tension has increased again in the border area between Gaza and Israel, where in less than ten days twelve Palestinians have died, eleven of them during the protests that have been repeated since March to demand the right of return and the end of the blockade of the enclave, established by Israel in 2007 when the Islamist movement Hamas took control by force.

The protests have gone from being weekly to repeating almost daily, and also include the launching of balloons with incendiary devices to Israel that have caused hundreds of fires.

In six months, 197 Palestinians have died in demonstrations or violent incidents along the border, and another dozen have died in Israeli bombings against Islamist installations.


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