Israel prohibits the arrival of flights to the country

Israel today banned the arrival of flights to the country until the necessary measures are implemented to transfer all passengers arriving at specific hotels where they will be quarantined for two weeks to avoid contagion of coronavirus, local media reported.

The measure, attributed directly to the acting Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, takes place hours after the arrival in Israel today of 70 people from New York, the city with the most confirmed cases in the world, who left the airport by taxi and without they will take their temperature or inform where they would spend the mandatory two-week quarantine for those arriving from abroad.

This fact took place despite the fact that Netanyahu himself ordered several days ago the preventive isolation of those who came to the country in hotels specifically designated by the State, something that, due to legal obstacles, has not yet been implemented.

In recent days, Israel has taken very severe measures to stop the spread of the pandemic, including a curfew on the first night of the Passover holiday and restrictions on movement between cities and even neighborhoods.

Days before, in addition, the closure of some of the cities with the highest rate of infections of COVID-19 was decreed, several of them characterized by their mostly ultra-Orthodox Jewish population.

So far the country has registered 96 deaths from the pandemic and more than 10,500 confirmed cases, 180 of them in serious condition, 132 of them with respirators.


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