June 23, 2021

Israel plans the construction of a complex for embassies in Jerusalem

Israel plans the construction of a complex for embassies in Jerusalem

Israeli Housing and Construction Minister Yoav Galant today announced a plan to build a "diplomatic neighborhood" in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Talpiot, in the western part, to accommodate potential legations to be moved to Jerusalem.

"Moving your embassies to Jerusalem, our eternal capital, is the right thing to do, hurry up, the best places are running out," Galant said today in a message addressed to the international community through an official statement.

The minister said that his country hopes that other embassies of the world will follow in the footsteps of the United States. and Guatemala, which moved the Tel Aviv headquarters to Jerusalem last May, and that is why it has instructed its team to create "adequate solutions".

The planned neighborhood will include embassies, residential buildings for employees and housing for ambassadors.

It will be built on 10 hectares of land in the East Talpiot neighborhood, close to the new US Embassy.

The project for the complex of new embassies was recently sent to the Planning Administration and has yet to pass the review of the planning committees.

To date, only US embassies Guatemala and Guatemala are in Jerusalem after recognizing the city as Israeli capital, against the international consensus that called for the withdrawal of diplomatic legations after the annexation in 1980 of the Palestinian East occupied in 1967.

Paraguay also moved it in May, but four months after the inauguration, the new Government retracted and returned it to Tel Aviv.

The Czech Republic recently opened the cultural center "Czech House" in Jerusalem, as a first step, according to Prague, for an eventual transfer of the diplomatic legation.

Israel claims to be in talks with some 10 more countries to convince them to follow this direction.


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