Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Israel bombs Gaza after launching two rockets at its territory

Israeli aviation bombed military targets in Gaza this morning after the launch of two rockets into its territory, an attack that followed the announcement by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he would annex the Jordan Valley if he is elected in the next elections 17.

In response to the two rockets, "Israeli Defense Forces fighter planes attacked 15 terrorist targets in the north and center of the Gaza Strip, including a weapons factory, several targets in a military complex of naval forces and a offensive terror tunnel of the Hamas terrorist organization, "a military statement said.

Security sources in Gaza added that no injuries or serious damage were reported by the Israeli bombings, which were also carried out from drones, which were hovering over the north, center and south of the Palestinian coastal enclave, ruled since 2007 by Hamas .

In Gaza, no militia has claimed responsibility for the launch of the rockets, which were intercepted in the air by the Iron Dome missile system but blew up the anti-aircraft alarms in the cities of Ashdod and Ashkelon.

They had Netanyahu, who was in the rostrum at an election rally of his party, the Likud, pass in a bad drink when the alert broke out and was rushed out and before the stage cameras by his security team.

This act followed another one yesterday afternoon in which the acting head of government promised that, if elected, he will extend Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan Valley, in the occupied Palestinian territory of the West Bank, a promise that generated strong criticism from the Palestinian side

Hamas condemned him in a statement and said his plan "will not change reality" or stop "resistance" of the Palestinian people "against the Israeli occupation."

The incidents yesterday and today in Gaza occur in a new surge in tension in the area. This weekend, the Army carried out reprisal bombings against Hamas military positions for two consecutive nights (Friday and Saturday), after rocket attacks and with a drone from the enclave.

On Friday afternoon two Palestinian teenagers were shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the weekly protests of the Great March of Return before the dividing line between the Strip and Israel.

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