Ismael Garca Roque, champion of Spain in Valencia - The Province

The Gran Canaria rider Ismael García Roque, a neighbor of Santa Brígida, was proclaimed, yesterday, champion of Spain in the Absolute 2019 category of obstacle jumps.

After an intense weekend of competition with the 24 best national riders in the fight for gold in the highest category, the canary achieved a feat that few achieve at this level of demand: being able to not make a single mistake in the four qualifiers disputed throughout the three days of competition with jumps of 1.55 meters high.

The stands vibrated with excitement until the end, where the Canarian rider was the last to go on the track with all the pressure under his shoulders. A single failure and the options to leave champion would be left behind, but with the temperament and good work that characterize him, Ismael García Roque, on the back of his horse Airline R, managed to climb to the first drawer of the Oliva Nova facilities in Valencia . Behind him were Jorge Juárez and Kevin González de Zarate.

It is the first time in history that a rider from the Archipelago manages to win the title of Champion of Spain, something he has achieved on his own merits. Since he began riding with only eight years in the equestrian facilities of Marzagan, already missing, Ismael García Roque has not stopped reaping important victories.

For example, the island rider has been part of the national team in several Cups of Nations, in addition to winning numerous Grand National and International Awards. In 2012 he was already at the gates of the Championship, always on top, where he managed to hang the bronze medal. In addition, he has been champion of the Canary Islands on countless occasions.

But Ismael García Roque has not only shone in the category of absolute jumps. The 38-year-old rider, currently installed in Madrid and working for the Olympic Sergio Álvarez Moya, also climbed into the second drawer of the 1.40 meter classic Spanish Championship, where he made sure to bite the silver in a test led by the Olympic also Eduardo Álvarez Aznar. All in a historic day for Canarian horse riding and its equestrian jumps.


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