Island accent on the Extreme-E

This innovative event aims to reinvent motorsport with electric vehicles and will reach some of the most remote corners of the planet, such as Al-'Ula (Saudi Arabia), Dakar (Senegal), Kangerlussuaq (Greenland), Santarém (Brazil) and Patagonia (Argentina). One of its objectives is to demonstrate the challenges of climate change that different ecosystems are facing, while it seeks to assess the performance of 100% electric SUV vehicles in extreme conditions.

The Extreme-E initiative, led by the United Nation's Sports For Climate Action Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), was born from the 2015 Paris Agreement and calls on sports organizations to recognize the contribution of the sports sector to climate change and your responsibility to fight for climate neutrality for a safer planet.

Gender equality

The teams that will participate in this competition will be made up of a pilot and a pilot, promoting gender equality and equal conditions among competitors.

This is one of the rules of the Extreme-E regulations, which in this way shows its support for gender equality both in motorsport and in the workplace. The work of both will be just as important to win the races and end up fighting for the final title.

Francisco Castellano highlighted during the presentation that "this competition is a great opportunity to promote Gran Canaria as a European Island of Sports and as a safe tourist destination for the recovery of the sector."

The event has among its objectives to highlight the challenges of climate change


In addition, the Councilor for Sports of the Cabildo pointed out during the act that this test from its inception to the end of the competition "will be conditioned by different values, not only sports, but also gender equality and ecological" .

Great resume

The Italian-Canarian Christine Giampoli Zanco, 27, a specialist in rallies and off-road competitions, carries dynamism, energy, enthusiasm, the ability to work as a team and the desire to excel of a young athlete. He has a lot of talent and potential and gives his best in every project he faces.

Initially he worked in his neighbor's garage. The first chassis she bought was a 1988 Golf MKII, followed by a 1989 Corolla Rally she called Lolla, with which she was proclaimed the Canarian champion in front-wheel drive vehicles. Soon after, he graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in Motor Racing Engineering. In 2016 she made her debut in the World Rally Championship (WRC) at Rally de Catalunya, as a member of the first all-female rally team, and won the female category of the Spanish Gravel Championship.

Since 2017, Giampoli's career has been focused on participating in off-road races, in the United States and Mexico, where he was seventh in the famous Baja 1000 in 2017, within the Pro UTV Turbo category. In 2020 he achieved third place in the T2 category, in the Andalusia Rally.

The electricians, the "future"

Christine Giampoli highlighted during the presentation that, for her, it is an honor "to be able to represent my house, because that's how I feel when I arrive on the island." "My goal is not only to run in this competition, but to make society in general aware of what is happening with climate change. The young Italian-Canarian pilot explained that this type of electric vehicle with which she is going to compete is "the future" for the different competitions, "but there is still work to be done". In addition to winning several championships, she is an expert in communication and has already collaborated with posh brands: Pirelli, Audi, Carrera, Sparco, Peugeot or Lamborghini. He is currently facing projects such as the 2021 Rally Spain Championship, 2021 Rally du Maroc and Andalucia Rally, belonging to the Road to Dakar. | VP


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