May 27, 2020

Isco's wife and her message on Twitter against Vox

If a few days ago it was the goalkeeper Pepe Reina who showed his political preferences on Twitter after the television debate of candidates for the presidency of the Government, now it has been the wife of Real Madrid's Isco, Sara Sálamo, who has claimed on social networks against Vox, although without explicitly naming the Santiago Abascal party.

"It seems unfeasible to respect a macho, racist and homophobic party. Directly, I think it should be illegal, since it is ANTI-DEMOCRATIC. It violates many human rights," wrote the actress, who hoped that citizens would not have to regret what was voted. "I hope that on the 10th, we will all talk at the polls, and we will not have to regret living in a country where only" anti-values ​​"abound," he added a few tweets later.

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