May 17, 2021

Isco, outside the call

Isco, outside the call

QThat Isco is not a player that Solari especially likes the numbers say. He did not go to the Cup meeting in Melilla, which should not mean anything serious, since they were the usual ones; then played 34 minutes against Valladolid, 17 later against Viktoria Plzen, which could already be considered a trend; nothing in Vigo and 28 minutes in the last match in Eibar, when everything was lost; and already yesterday, he had no chance to participate in the clash against Rome. It was discarded by the Argentine coach and saw the game from the stands, with the face of few friends. It was a surprising decision. «They are specific decisions for specific moments. We are here to make decisions and that's it, "said Solari after the meeting when they asked him about Isco.

Because one thing is to leave a player on the bench and another, send it to the stands without being changed. It sounded like a punishment: "Decisions are almost always sports, except in exceptional cases, and this is not an exceptional case," the coach continued. But to see Isco so far from the field, when until now, during his years at Real Madrid he had always been a footballer or a starter or one of the regulars to jump on the field. If it did not enter the call it was for rest. "The ownership or substitution is a fictitious problem, he also thought about it when he was a player, we are to give everything to see if they choose us," Solari continued, aware that many of the questions were going to be about the playmaker.

Since the club has been told to make the decisions it believes appropriate and one of the first has been to move a little more Isco. Another has been to give ownership to Llorente. "It is not easy to play a game like that because I had no physical or confidence. I am very happy with the match I have made, "said the player.


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