Isco and Sara Sálamo mobilize to help hospitals

Isco and Sara Sálamo have launched “décorónate” to help hospitals.

Isco Alarcónplayer of the Real Madrid and of the Spanish team, he has launched, together with his partner, the actress Sara Sálamo, the “décorónate” campaign to help stop the curve of COVID-19 and with the aim of raising 500,000 euros for the acquisition of medical supplies for hospitals.

Isco and Sara Sálamo have published in their social media accounts a solidarity campaign to stop the advance of the coronavirus in Spain. "We want to help stop the pandemic in a more concrete way, that is why this campaign is born, be crowned, to donate medical supplies after talking with various manufacturers and leaders of various hospitals to find out the exact needsSara announced.

The player from Real Madrid and the Spanish team asked for citizen collaboration to help hospitals against the coronavirus pandemic.

"We need you to help us to help, contributing what each one can kindly and sharing it on your social networks to reach the maximum possible number of people ”, Isco announced.

"We want to help our health personnel, the sick, the doctors, the nurses who are risking their lives for us. It is a very beautiful and necessary campaign"He added.


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