Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Isabel Pantoja will replace María Teresa Campos in Telecinco after Survivors

Isabel Pantoja sustituirá a María Teresa Campos en Telecinco después de ir a ‘Supervivientes’

Magazine Week it advanced just seven days ago that Isabel Pantoja I would be a contestant
. A news bomb that caught by surprise to own and strangers and that quickly Telecinco was in charge to deny. They wanted to keep the secret and even in Save me They cataloged the information as "unreal" Time has given the reason to the magazine and this week brings on the front page another bombing: "Isabel Pantoja replaces María Teresa Campos in Telecinco with a millionaire contract"

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This Tuesday the participation of the tonadillera in the chain's reality star was made official and it was already dropped that the link with the chain would be more extensive. There was talk that he would participate in some other program of the house and that he could even have a biographical series about his life.

As he affirms this Wednesday Week, Isabel Pantoja (62 years old) will become the "biggest pull of Telecinco". They want him to be his new big star and they have offered him the weight and repercussion that he had María Teresa Campos (77), an institution in Mediaset that ended its contract with the chain just a few weeks ago.

The figures that are handled are that the singer will receive 80,000 euros per week for their participation in Survivors. This money has perhaps ended up convincing Pantoja, who, although he has his mother in poor health, is also going through financial hardships that have put his Cantora estate in danger, which he inherited from the late Paquirri.

Cover of the magazine 'Semana' on April 10, 2019

Cover of the magazine 'Semana' on April 10, 2019

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