Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Isabel Pantoja will not compete in 'Survivientes 2019'

Isabel Pantoja no concursará en ‘Supervivientes 2019’

The news bomb of the year (and even the century for some) appeared this morning on the cover of the magazine Week, which opened its edition today with this exclusive headline: "Isabel Pantoja. Survivor contestant. "Reality seems, however, to be quite different. And it is that sources of the producer of Supevivientes 2019 confirm to The vanguard what the news is not real.

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Without going into details about whether there has been a negotiation with the tonadillera, they are limited to denying the information with which Semana magazine opens today and which has become one of the most talked about topics on social networks. It is true that the magazine shields your information using the view "last participation", without closing it. But from the program deny that Isabel Pantoja is going to be one of the contestants of the edition that will start in little more than a month in Telecinco and that still does not have any officially confirmed contestant.

The magazine even puts a number: 80,000 euros that the singer would charge a week for resisting in the survival contest. It also ensures that Isabel Pantoja could also have closed her participation, in a kind of pack for which she would also participate in some talent of the chain. An information that although it is not possible to be demonstrated until the moment could have the same solvency that the cover in exclusive of the chain.

Survivors 2019.

Survivors 2019.

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