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An office of Telecinco. Isabel Pantoja begins to adapt to the new fever it has generated after his feat in Survivors. Pose, look deep and smile. Who observes it, understands the purest meaning of the word artist.

Question. As it passes by Survivors We can call it succeed. Do you notice?

Answer. Wherever I go, they have me as the winner. I have given them a lot of audience. And I know that thanks to me, as the chain's main staff told me.

P. But do you feel victorious because of the audience or because you have reinvented yourself?

R. For both. I am a woman, modesty apart, very dear. I have my audience. I call it my private army. I have never failed them. They are to death with me. But, let's not fool ourselves, when I said yes to the contest, it was the bomb.

P. What had been lost on that island?

R. Me nothing. To me, who got in here and as I am leo, bighead. She was a follower since she was my son, in 2011. I never thought it would be so hard. And I pointed against my whole family. I made the decision alone. I didn't want to let anyone down. I said I would do everything I had to do as long as it didn't harm my health.

P. How about those bloody knees?

R. Fatal. I come with war wounds. For six days I was not in the final but I feel winning. I had days that I did not imagine in a program. He talked, sang, woke me up with the legañas ... It was me, like in my house.

P. What made him realize more that he was in a reality? The cameras or the beasts attitude of its competitors?

R. I defended myself as a lioness. I do not return with resentment, despite the bad and very bad moments.

P. Like when they accused her of stealing food. Did he steal it?

R. Ha ha ha ... That, as Jorge Javier said, was a pirate, who came and left ... As for the others, they had their strategies. They were going to win. I do not. Just to live the experience.

P. What parts of your past have helped you resist?

R. From my past and from my present ... My family and then my father and my husband, to whom every night I asked for strength not to disappoint.

P. Have you been awakened by some ghosts on the island?

"I've been Pantoja for 45 years and I have the light inside"
"I'm not ready to talk about jail yet"

R. I have lost many fears.

P. To what?

R. To the darkness, to the animals, to the unknown, to sleep in the open, to loneliness ... Because even being accompanied, I felt very alone.

P. Afraid of loneliness more than when he became a widow?

R. Do not.

P. Afraid of loneliness more than when he entered prison?

R. Hey…. Do not.

P. Did you feel more solidarity there even than on the island?

R. The truth is that if.

P. Did that experience give you new weapons for life?

R. I would like to talk about that topic. I will do it in its moment and clearly. I am not ready yet. I try to turn the page. I'm missing an inch and I will give a binder.

P. But he already paid his sentence.

R. Yes, without having done anything, which is the worst. In time, we will continue talking about that topic you and me.

P. Do you feel like getting on a stage and singing?

R. On the island I have fed up of singing Because if not, let's see what he was doing. I had to evade. I have been missing on the island, art. I'm crazy about getting on stage.

P. Have you been told what has been going on the networks?

R. I don't have any of that, the banter, the whatsapp ... And now.

P. The banter, I like it more. On the island it has been madrasa, but we have also seen that his heart was beating. Who made him tilin?

R. To me? No one. Please: the virgin of Rocío frees me.

P. When did you return home what was the first thing you did?

R. Hug my mother. Give him the kisses I couldn't in three months and six days. And all my family.

P. You say a lot when you shut up. What is silence?

R. Many times it is not worth talking about silencing comments. For what?

P. A new Pantoja phenomenon has been resurrected. Are you ready to take it?

R. I? I dont know. I stay like that stunned Hearing that. I've been Pantoja for 45 years and I have the light inside. That is why I am like that, as I am.

P. He led the copla from the twentieth to the twenty-first century. Will he die?

R. I do not lose hope that new people will come out, that they sing beautifully, that they know how to walk, that they have art, that they smell good and dress well, that a curtain opens and no one appears in a shirt. I respect him, but better the well-ironed gown, with its flowers, with its hair and that says the whole theater: Olé! How well you smell! With art and class, one is born. So wear a shawl than a tracksuit.

P. What is your strength?

R. Ask God every night to let me see the light a day to continue taking care of mine. Not to mention what I have inside. My joy is that I feel my father inside me. He died in 1974 and left me a family in my care, with my brothers and today they are good men. Like my two children. Having brought them all forward. Alone.


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