March 7, 2021

Isabel Pantoja, from 'Survivors' to a jury of a musical contest – La Provincia

Telecinco has found in Isabel Pantoja its new star and after the high audience data of the current edition of Survivors in which the singer participates, the chain already thinks about its next work, that will be with all certainty the one of jury in one of its talent-shows musicals.

Before traveling to Honduras, Mediaset already announced that it had a long-term contract with Pantoja. Now him director of Contents of Mediaset, Manuel Villanueva, states that the singer will participate in "other types of formats that have to do with his professional career, such as music". "And surely you can see it in the future in one of our talents," said Villanueva. To the question of "Will it be a jury?", It is resounding: "Surely, yes". The when is more difficult to define. We have to wait for him to return from Honduras, to replace himself – it is "an urban legend", he says, what is said that he has received better treatment than the rest of the contestants – and at the end of the year he will decide what to do.

At the moment the head of Mediaset is more than satisfied with the audience data of the longevity reality, whose first edition was held in 2000 and this year has achieved screen shares of between 19 and 35 percent, something that seems difficult to overcome. "In Survivors each year we compete against ourselves, against what you have done the previous year, it is one of the great curses, having to overcome each year "and more after the current edition, with the distinctive sign of having Isabel Pantoja.

But formats like this or Big Brother VIP they work with one or two striking names that have "a magnetic effect on the viewer" because the celebrities make the contest, but also others that do not have as much name, as Dakota or Violet, in this case.

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