Thu. Nov 21st, 2019

Isabel Pantoja, fire for the audience of 'Survivors' | TV

The adventure in Honduras ended last week for singer Isabel Pantoja after the doctors of Survivors certify that its continuity in the program was not possible for health problems. The popular tonadillera had to leave the reality Two weeks before its end, which will be held on July 18. Last Thursday, his arrival on the set and the interview of the presenter Jorge Javier Vázquez they were the main dishes of the menu of a program that, before it celebrates its final, is already the one with the best audience performance on all Spanish television in the 2018-2019 season.

A total of 3.584.000 spectators followed the emission in which Pantoja desgranó his adventures in the keys of Honduras, what supposed a 36% of quota of screen for Telecinco and the leadership of the prime time. It is the second best brand of this edition, only behind the premiere (36.5%). Express survivors, the first fragment of the gala, also achieved great data, with 3,459,000 viewers and 25.9% of Compartir, and it was the second most watched program of the day. None of its opponents in prime time reached a million viewers. The golden minute of the day also corresponded to Survivors: 4,604,000 viewers (36.9%) They attended at 23.48 at the moment in which Isabel Pantoja was received on the set of the program by her children Kiko Rivera and Isa Pantoja and her niece Anabel Pantoja.

The participation of the singer in this edition of the program has made the audience data of the program – which has always been one of the most successful on the Telecinco grid – skyrocket, with screen shares in the finals of Thursday's record in all the existence of the format in Spain. It remains to be seen if this edition manages to surpass that of 2011 in number of spectators. That installment, won by Rosa Benito (ex-wife of Rocío Jurado and at that time a contributor to Save me), achieved an average of 3,690,000 viewers.

In the absence of a week for its end, this edition has said goodbye to its greatest attraction, the presence of the singer as a contestant. His debut in the space of Telecinco on April 25, with jump from the helicopter and game in the mud included, was seen by 4.164.000 spectators, record of an edition that in his galas on Thursdays has never dropped from 30 % of screen share On Thursday 18th the final will take place, already on the set of Mediaset in Madrid, with Omar, Fabio, Mahi and Albert as finalists.

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