Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Isabel Pantoja, confirmed contestant of 'Survivientes 2019'

Isabel Pantoja, confirmed contestant of 'Survivientes 2019'

'Survivors 2019' count on the participation of Isabel Pantoja as star contestant. This was confirmed on Tuesday afternoon by the director of 'Slvame', David Valldeperas. Shortly after 8 pm, he has appeared on the plat of the Telecinco program to announce the news with great fanfare. "Isabel Pantoja has signed for this house, for Mediaset, and is a contestant of 'Survivientes 2019!", She affirmed.

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"But will she be a contestant, contestant?"asked Mila Ximnez. "Confirmadsimo", answered Valldeperas. The face of the niece of the tonadillera, Anabel, has been a whole poem but then, she said: "Enjoy, have a great time".

As, Pantoja joins Omar Montes, Colate, Chelo Garca-Corts, Dakota and Carlos Lozano that will travel to the island. The tonadillera share space with Chelo, who some time ago decided to sign peace with her. How to be the relationship with the journalist?

Another character to talk about is that of Omar Montes with the tonadillera, how to be the relation with his exyerno? With so much free time they will have on the island, maybe until they sing a song together. With this, Isabel Pantoja reappear in style starring all the covers inside and outside the program.

Semana magazine already announced last week that the participation of Isabel Pantoja in 'Survivientes 2019' was closed. According to this publication, the tonadillera You could pocket around 80,000 euros per week.

In addition, the singer will have negotiated with Telecinco, a chain that had been banned for years by his rifirrafe with 'Aqu hay tomate', hiring him as coach or jury of a 'talent show'.


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