Isabel Gemio is sincere after her tense interview with María Teresa Campos: "It was a disaster"

Isabel Gemio and María Teresa Campos.

Isabel Gemio and María Teresa Campos.

The tense interview by Isabel Gemio with María Teresa Campos still giving a lot to talk about. In the passage of the presenter of 'Surprise, surprise' by 'Two couples and a destiny', this matter was discussed again and the one involved He took the opportunity to explain how he experienced the controversy.

Chenoa was in charge of bringing this issue to light by asking Gemio about his current enemy and receiving a complete answer: "I did an interview that did not turn out as I had planned. I had prepared an accomplice interview with a partner with whom I had, or have, I don't know in what situation we are now, a good relationship after 30 years of profession ", confessed on the show.

The presenter gave more details about how she lived the moment when the tension took over the conversation: "I prepared a nice interview for myself. She answered me very dry and angry. I felt bad. I was also wrong, I got nervous, hasty, improvised questions and it was a disaster ", acknowledged.

The rest of the famous La 1 format wanted to know how María Teresa Campos reacted and if she was upset. "That's what hurts me the most because it is better to talk about it between partners. But that's it, anyone has a bad afternoon ", the journalist replied.


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