Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Isabel Gemio confesses why she was fired from 'Surprise, Surprise!'

It's been 20 years since the mythical program of Antenna 3

Surprise, Surprise
! say goodbye to the viewers after three seasons of broadcast. A time when hundreds of stories excited viewers and a Isabel Gemio which, from her role as presenter, became a dreaded being every time she approached with her microphone to greet the audience.

Gemio was between 1996 and 1998 driving the space, but In the last season of 1999, Concha Velasco was in charge of presenting the stories that were told there. A turn that also coincided with a decisive moment in the life of the first and that, as he has confessed to Toñi Moreno in A year of your life, It had a lot to do.

“I got pregnant and when the program comes back I didn't come back”

“When I am doing it [Surprise, Surprise!]
I get pregnant and when the program comes back I didn't come back. I had just given birth. ” With these words the well-known presenter pointed out to Moreno the events that happened so that in that last season the face of the talk show Don't get back in front of the cameras.

“They called me to ask if I would return. I said yes, fat and ugly as I was. I didn't care. I was willing to work the day after giving birth, but they didn't call me" A reality that saddened the journalist, since her intention was to continue in the format.

“I would have liked to continue”

“I would have liked to continue with Surprise, Surprise!. I think it was a very big program, very beautiful, beautiful beautiful and there is nothing prettier than making people happy and we did it. ” And so it was. This Antena 3 program continued to maintain this tonic but with another image, that of Concha Velasco.

Since then 20 years have passed. A time that Toñi Moreno seems not to have spent after insisting Isabel Gemio how "beautiful" she was. “That beauty that you bring is not maquilaje or anything, it is a deeper beauty. Do you have something to tell me? ”The Andalusian questioned. “A lot of sex”Gemio sentenced to a Toñi Moreno who acknowledged being aware of the answer: "I knew it!"

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