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The Catalan director Isabel Coixet will debut as series producer with Foodie Love, eight half-hour chapters for HBO starred by a couple lover of gastronomy who begin to know each other -while they visit restaurants- after contacting through a app between doubts about the emotional wounds caused by previous relationships. "I wanted to write something about love and food," says the filmmaker in a telephone conversation with EL PAÍS. "And that it was something personal, what HBO has understood perfectly." Foodie Love will premiere simultaneously on HBO Europe.

The series will be shot "in Spanish from the beginning of April" in Spain -mainly-, Rome, southern France and Japan. "In real restaurants and with real food," says Coixet. The idea came to the director during the time she lived in New York four years ago: "I started dating people who liked food. foodie, and I'm so excited about going to 18 subway stops to eat some patatas bravas. I do not trust people who say: 'I do not care about me'. Well, not me, and eating badly makes me a bad host. Those friends from New York used apps gastronomic, and that's where the story started. "The filmmaker confesses that she had never wanted to do a series because she could not think of anything about that structure." I'm a fan of the series, but structurally it was difficult ... until then ".

He wrote a treatment and HBO bought him the story. "It has been a long process, in which I have learned a lot, especially in creating something at the end of each chapter that makes you continue watching the next one. Foodie Love It is difficult to classify, because it goes beyond romantic comedy. Its axes are love and pleasure with food. "

Photo provided by HBO of the pre-production of 'Foodie Love'.enlarge photo
Photo provided by HBO of the pre-production of 'Foodie Love'.

Coixet had previously been offered series. "I received offers like three chapters of True Love, several of Narcos... But doing something in which you only put the camera, with everything mounted, would bore me. So I rejected them, "recalls the filmmaker, who is due to premiere - probably released in the fall - the movie Elisa and Marcela (who competed in the last Berlin festival) for Netflix, that in Spain it will also be able to be seen in cinemas, and that at the end of the year its new film will be shot, Snow in Benidorm, produced by El Deseo.

About the cast, the filmmaker prefers not to reveal names, since at this moment she is negotiating with the protagonists. Yes, he talks a lot more about the background: "We will not only shoot in restaurants with Michelin stars, we will go to pubs, bars where you eat standing, bakeries ... The couple laughs a lot too about the posture that is in this gastronomy, and That's why they do not hesitate to make fun of that on their trip. [por ayer miércoles] We have been locating in an Ecuadorian food bar without pretensions although with a great meal ".

Coixet recognizes that the realization of filming in real restaurants has been complicated. "But life is to complicate it," he laughs. And to be happy: yesterday he was also visiting in the Ochiai pastry shop, opened in Barcelona in 1983 by Takashi Ochiai, "where he creates the best croissants in Spain, has a prize that certifies it". So he has one thing clear: "I do not know how the series is going to come out, but the team will get fat, we will surely gain weight".


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