April 13, 2021

Isabel Celáa talks about the price of unpaid internships and scholarships

Isabel Celáa talks about the price of unpaid internships and scholarships

The Minister of Education Isabel Celáa affirmed today in the Congress of the Deputies that if the quotation by the unpaid practices harms the educative system "I would look for another way outCurrently, the students who receive an income for their university internships do contribute to Social Security, however, one of the measures promulgated by the Executive to increase the collection for this organization rested on the scholarships and unpaid practices: the decree established the obligation for companies to contribute for those who participate in "training programs, non-work practices or external academic practices". As reported The country, with this decision would increase the collection bag in 74.46 million extra per year.

Given the possibility that such a decision could affect the students, Celáa was blunt: "You can be sure that the Government will not allow this or any other measure may be detrimental to the education system, of the provision of the service, of its quality and of the maximum amplitude of possibilities ", affirmed the minister The measure, impelled by the Ministry of Work (reason why it is not competition of Celáa), is in normative development phase, so it is not yet operational.

The truth is that the application of the measure seems diffuse. The quote, which will carry a monthly disbursement, does not want to assume any agency. Neither the businessmen, nor the universities, nor the Autonomous Communities. Hence the requirement of the minister: "the quote can not generate a disturbance in the system and not achieve its improvement"If it does, an alternative to it would be sought," EFE reports.


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