Isaac Fouto replicates Juanma Castaño's disastrous cake in MasterChef ... Be careful with his assessment, imitating Jordi Cruz!

Isaac Fouto replicates the disastrous cake of Juanma Castaño.

The passage of Juanma Castaño by MasterChef Celebrity is being highly commented on. At the last gala, he presented what is possibly the worst-looking dessert in the history of the program, an alleged sponge cake and coffee mouse that spilled onto the plate.

The popular sportscaster quickly became a trending topic on social media for his performance and the aforementioned dessert. The contestants had to recreate a coffee cake, inspired by the theme 'I hope it rains coffee' from Juan Luis Guerra. Castaño's sponge cake could not hold the cake and it ended up as one big dough.

So I was the dessert of Juanma Castaño in 'Masterchef'. TVE

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