Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

Is there censorship in Spain?

¿Hay censura en España?

The last decisions of the Central Electoral Board regarding the presence of yellow ties in public buildings in Catalonia and regarding the prohibition of the use of the terms "exiles" and "political prisoners" during the electoral campaign, have opened a lively debate on the limits of freedom of expression in Spain and whether or not censorship exists.

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Thousands of readers of La Vanguardia have already contributed their opinion, either through the different active surveys or through the Reader's Letters, where they are confronting very different points of view.

An example is the letter of reader Joan Palacín, entitled Prohibited terms. This neighbor of Caldes de Montbui says that "for a long time the truth has not been used in terms of the political prisoners and the escaped Puigdemont".

It is not about political prisoners, but about imprisoned politicians; neither Puigdemont is in exile, but fled from Spanish justice "

"When the lie takes over the minds of a part of the Catalans, going back to the truth will be very difficult. For this reason, the decision of the Provincial Electoral Board of Barcelona is so important, "he concludes.

On the other hand, Jordi Marba Martí, in his letter Inmate statesmen, affirms that "we must thank the gentlemen of the Electoral Board for the push they have given us to take advantage of the versatility of the rich and plural languages ​​that we enjoy".

Very likely from now on we will speak of "exile", of "inmate statesmen" and of "summaries of coercion". And perhaps in the future we will have to talk about the fact that in some flaps and buildings there will be "knots gualdos".

Marba Martí, a resident of Sant Cugat, is very critical of the political class: "Welcome to the headlines in five columns, to be at the same level as the vocinglería and the little signs (in DinA3, with chromatic contrast and taking care of the typography if they want that we can see its content) that come out in our parliaments in search of easy applause so that our representatives, without saving either parliament or party, strut themselves instead of doing the work for which we have placed their trust in them through our vote".

If you want to contribute your opinion, we invite you to write a Reader's Letter and participate in our surveys:

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