April 20, 2021

Is the Tour de France with less doping in recent years?

Start the Tour de France and following the trend of recent years, you can talk about the test, cycling and not as much as doping. The crusade for cleanliness in a sport that was about to die by the spot of doping is already giving results and according to statist data, we find the year in which cyclists involved in doping cases who will take the exit is the lowest (7.4%)

Twenty-one years ago, in 1998, more than half of the cyclists who participated in the race were involved in doping. Only during the first decade of 2000 did this trend begin to fall. Cycling and the Tour have survived some terrible years in which the alarming news about doped cyclists occupied the space where the chronicles of the races had to go.

Because, perhaps because they passed more anti-doping tests or because they used this resource more as a winner, it was among the first where more cases were discovered,

The seven Armstrong Tour were invalidated after proving that he had not gotten them legally. The American dominated the peloton and no one could leave the language and tell what was happening, although the news was already becoming overwhelming.

In 2006, the Tour was won by Landis, but neither is the official champion of that edition because he did not get it legally either. It was no longer that he gave the impression that doping was a stain that would be impossible to eradicate from the peloton; is that it seemed that the winner was who they did not catch.

In 2010, Alberto Contador won his third Tour, but does not count on his official record and yes it happens to Andy Schleck, one of the sensations of the moment (which was second in the following years) and from which little more was heard of him later. Contador lived the famous case of the steak.

With the arrival of Sky, the most perfect winning machine of the Tour was created and although there was some controversy with Wiggins, his record has not been stained. Neither Froorme nor Geraint Thomas, the last winner of the test.

This Tour begins without a clear favorite, but also without the shadow of doping to overshadow it

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