April 16, 2021

Is «The Lion King» the African Bambi?

"The lion king" belongs to that lineage of films that mark a whole generation of spectators. Its premiere in 1994 was a real event. It swept the ticket office and became the thirtieth film that has given more money to its producers. When it was published on video or CD, the success was equally resounding, and the same has happened with the musical: there is no one who evicts him from the theaters. His version "anime", which has just reached the Spanish billboards, has become the best premiere, with 521 million dollars worldwide, surpassing the blue fiasco of "Aladdin." It is number one in all countries and in Spain it has the second best opening of the year, accumulating eight million in the first four days. But the tape already begins to carry with some problems. Beyond the accusations that call it a Plagiarism of "The Emperor of the Jungle", an anime from the sixties, others simply accuse her of being the African remake of «Bambi», which would be something like self-copying. This film left a profit of more than 267 million dollars to its creator and was the fourth Walt Disney animated film that reported more money. But Is it true that these two films share so many similarities? Some hold it and even point it out:

one) The protagonists of both films are animals and both focus on hypothetical kings: the deer, the king of the forest; and the lion, the king of the jungle.

two) In both films the protagonist's parents die. In the case of Bambi, the mother, killed by an anonymous hunter (not seen on the tape). In "The Lion King," Scar kills Mufasa, the father.

3) In both cases, the deer and the lion, are raised alone, away from any herd. They only have their friends, who, in both cases, are curious, there are two: in the case of the fawn, they are Drum and flower; in that of Simba, Timón and Pumba. The interesting thing is that these couples have clear similarities: in the case of Flor and Pumba, a skunk and a facochero, they are funny and, in addition, animals clearly linked to bad smell or dirt. In the assumptions of Tambor and Timón, they are the ones that put more sense, although not too much …

4) In both films there is a threat that endangers the kingdom of both ecosystems. In "Bambi," the fire; in "The Lion King," the hyenas. The participation of Simba and Bambi will be essential so that the tragedy does not spread.

5) In both films, the protagonists find their partner.

6) The two films end Bambi and Simba at the top, peering at a cliff (of a clear resemblance), reaffirming that they are the true kings of the animal kingdom.

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