September 29, 2020

Is the government trying to extract political revenue from the coronavirus crisis?

The vice presidency of Pablo Iglesias endorses a controversial document that attacks the PP and the previous government

In the midst of the crisis and when the Government asks for the unity of all the political parties to get ahead, controversy arises. Yesterday, the PP deputy for the Basque Country, Bea Fanjul, put on the table a controversial document made by the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, or what is the same, an informative brochure prepared and endorsed by the vice presidency of Pablo Iglesias. A text that does not hesitate to lash out against the PP and the previous Executive.

Under the title of “Frequently Asked Questions About Social Measures Against Coronavirus,” The Basque deputy points out two specific paragraphs in which these “attacks” against the popular can be seen. Of the 27 pages of this brochure, there is one focused on the City Councils and their role in these hard times. It is here where these controversial references are found. The first of them reads as follows: “(…) the municipalities are empowered, so that, within the framework of their powers and leaving behind the Montoro law, they can invest their surplus in social services (…) ”.

And it is here where Fanjul remembers the words of the Minister of Public Works, José Luis Ábalos, Who bluntly stated a few days ago that Anyone seeking political revenue from a national tragedy will not be forgiven. In another paragraph of the document, the current Executive takes chest of his actions and what better way to do it than lashing out against the opposition and the management of the previous Government. “For years they have asked the Government of Spain to use the surplus fundamentally for social services. The previous government did not authorize it. Now they can do it. ”

And beyond this controversy, the dissemination of this document has not had the expected success either. After making it public on social networks, many have criticized that “After disregarding the WHO recommendations” now publish “a politicized guide to measures that are only promises.” A story that repeats itself in many comments.


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