IS prisoners rise up in prison and some escape in Syria

Islamic State (IS) prisoners confined in Al Hasaka prison in northeast Syria have mutinied and managed to destroy part of the facilities and some have even escaped, sources from the Democratic Syrian Forces (FSD) reported today. who control the prison.

FSD communication chief Mostafa Bali said “IS terrorists completely seized the ground floor of Al Hasakah prison, demolished the internal walls and destroyed the doors.”

“Some managed to escape and they are being sought,” Bali said on Twitter, adding that “the situation is tense” inside the prison.

The FSD spokesman, a Kurdish-led alliance that controls northeast Syria, claimed that “anti-terror forces” are handling the situation on the first floor of the facility to quell the prison revolt.

The Syrian agency SANA reported that planes from the international coalition led by the United States are flying over the area and launching lighting bombs.

According to the Bachar al Asad regime agency, there are at least 3,000 members of the Islamic State in the prison, a figure that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a network with its own informants in the country, brings to more than 5,000 people of different nationalities.

The Kurds are detaining thousands of members of the Islamic State who were captured in different prisons during the months-long campaign in which they gained ground for the jihadist organization across Syria.

Kurdish militias also support tens of thousands of relatives of IS fighters in camps like Al Hol, also located in Al Hasaka province, where since 2015 they have been confining IS evacuees during the offensive.

The FSD captured in 2017 Al Raqa, the capital called the IS “caliphate” since 2014, and they were recovering the land from the jihadists until the end of the caliphate a year ago.


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