August 1, 2021

Is Nyom’s goal well annulled?

Juanfe Sanz: Yes, there is a very clear blockage

We can rewind to the Real Madrid-Sevilla match, where De Jong was annulled for a foul on Militao. The Camp Nou play is her twin sister. Nyom completely disregards the ball and looks for Umtiti to prevent him from playing the ball normally. There is no doubt.

Rafa Guerrero: Yes, full-time tackle

Nyom intentionally blocks Umtiti, knocking him down. The VAR was correct advising the referee not to raise the illegal goal of Getafe. Now, Nyom should have been reprimanded for his foul on the Barça defender.

Was there a penalty for Umtiti?

Juanfe Sanz: The ball was not in play

Watch out for this play. It seems that Ter Stegen puts a kick-in ball into play and that, by mistake, Umtiti places the ball again with his hand and may commit a penalty. Error. Ter Stegen passes the ball with his hand and the ball can only be in play if it is kicked out.

Rafa Guerrero: No, a legal move

A play that was very viral and that must be clarified. The Barcelona goalkeeper gives the ball with his partner’s hand to execute the kick-off, so that no illegality occurs. Sometimes these plays are good to get to know the regulation better.

Was there a penalty from Piqué to Ángel?

Juanfe Sanz: No, the grab was out of the area

It is true that there is a continuous grip of the defense culé to the blue ram, but it occurs outside the area and ends before Angel gets into it. The VAR cannot intervene for this reason. The referee, yes, had to sanction foul and show Piqué yellow card for grabbing the opponent. Cuadra Fernández error.

Rafa Guerrero: No, but it’s missing and yellow card

Piqué grabs and releases Angel out of the area, although to the limit of the lateral line. Having so many doubts, I am sure that the VAR checked the set to rule out that it was a penalty. There was not, but anyway, the referee, Cuadra Fernández, had to whistle the foul and admonish the defender.

Did the referee and VAR succeed in Sevilla-Espanyol?

Juanfe Sanz: Yes, the protocol was met

It is true that it is an unusual move, but that does not make a mistake in the VAR. González González notifies Cordero Vega for one of the cases contemplated in the VAR, a red card. The field referee did not whistle or miss. When viewing the monitor, Cordero Vega has another interpretation of the play and considers that there is only a warning.

Rafa Guerrero: No, Sergi Gómez must have seen the red one

Again the damn protocol … Confusion returns. But once it enters as stipulated in the VAR, in my opinion the referee is wrong to show the yellow to Sergi Gómez when it should have been red for a clear goal. That color of the card increased the confusion about the play. And so we continue …


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