Is Now a Good Time to Invest: 7 Questions to Fulfill Before Buying Crypto


The cryptocurrency soared in the years 2020-2021 for a couple of reasons. First, people were trapped in their homes, most of them with no jobs, and worried about how to make money with how little they had left. Then came the blooming option of crypto, which was adopted by many as it was beneficial and convenient for almost everyone. The other reason for the rise of crypto is Elon Musk. The controversial CEO of Tesla shared that his company is buying billions worth of Bitcoin, which ignited the spark inside people to buy crypto. This made Bitcoin reach an all-time high of $68,000. 


The stumbling of crypto is also for the very same reasons. Musk realized that the crypto coins mining was causing great harm to the environment and should be immediately stopped. He obviously tweeted about it, and bam! The Bitcoin market crashed drastically. But, it didn’t stop people from making investments in the currency. Bitcoin is still the first choice of many, followed by Ethereum, which recently released its latest version that shook the market. 


Now, if you’re interested in making any crypto investments, you should ask yourself the following questions.


  1. Do You Have an Emergency Backup?

This is the most important question of all time. The crypto market is highly volatile. You cannot invest all of your money and hope against all odds that you will get tremendous profits. It is risky and somewhat foolish to do so. You should invest little in the beginning and keep some emergency funds in an interest-based bank account. It is a traditional technique, but it is the safest one. It won’t make you immediate money as crypto will, but it will provide a cushion against sudden crypto loss. 

  1. Can You Make Long-Term Investments?

Long-term investments have both advantages and disadvantages. If you do not have enough time but want to invest in cryptocurrency, then you should use the long-term technique because it will benefit you. You can save yourself from sudden dips and fluctuations and sell your crypto when it is the highest on the market. If you are an experienced trader and leave and breathe crypto, then you should go for short-term investments because you know the marketplace better than anyone.

  1. Do You Have the Knowledge to Sustain in the Market?

Knowing about some cryptocurrencies names is not enough to survive the market. You should know how to read trading charts, determine the histories of specific cryptocurrencies, and decide when it is best to sell crypto. Initially, you will learn and make mistakes, but they shouldn’t prevail because that will determine that the crypto market is not for you. 

  1. Do You Have a Goal in Mind?

If you work without a predetermined goal, you will stray from your path. Trying different techniques and tips is good but not staying and applying a single strategy for a while is not good, as it will mess up your consistency. You should have a solid goal before starting trade because it will help you determine the correct technique and strategy for you, which will further help you select which cryptocurrency is best for your methods. It will keep you organized, and your loss rate will diminish with time.

  1. How Many Coins Will You Invest In?

Creating a diversified portfolio has many benefits. First, it will help you gain more experience as you will get to know about different marketplaces and currencies. Second, it will act as a cushion from abrupt losses. For instance, you have $4000 and invested all of it in Terra Luna coins. As you saw, Terra drastically fell, which shook the market and left people with no money. Now, if you break that $4000 and invest it in different places, like $500 in Bitcoin, $350 in Dogecoin, $700 in Ethereum, $400 in Binance, and so on and so forth, you will have various coins in your portfolio and won’t have to worry about losing all your money at one place.

  1. Are You Aware of the Risks?

Cryptocurrency is full of volatility and uncertainty. But traders have learned the tricks and tips and are using the fluctuations to their advantage. Some still face losses, but as they are already prepared, they do not have anything to worry about. You should accept the fact that loss is a part of the trade and set aside an estimated value of the loss so your budget doesn’t get messed up. You should also learn about the cryptocurrency platform you are using. If you still are doubtful about trading, you can simulate a trade through

  1. Are You Unsure About Which Strategy to Apply?

You should stop for a while and rethink your strategies and the situation in the marketplace. Things become risky when a hefty amount is invested in the currency, and the market gets super uncertain. That is why we mentioned distributing your trade. You can also ask experts for advice but make sure they do not suggest an old strategy; else, the advice won’t even work as well.

Ending Statement

All the above questions are essential as they determine your steps in getting familiar with crypto and its marketplace. These would guide you to make the proper selections and trade accordingly. It is good to ask for advice but make sure you research the strategy before applying it because it might be possible that the strategy is outdated and might not work for you.