May 25, 2020

Is it technological doping of Nike shoes?

The male half marathon, the female half marathon, down for the first time of 2 hours in the 42,195 meters and from today, the female marathon.

World fund records have fallen in the last year, and two seconds deprived that the one of the queen test of the masculine athletics also fell.

The ZoomX Vaporfly Next%, the shoes with which you they have beaten all these record labels, have reopened the everlasting debate in the sport of technological doping

These shoes, with which today Brigid Kosgei has dropped a record of more than 16 years in 81 seconds, are the evolution of those Vaporfly 4% Flyknit, with which Nike revolutionized athletics last year. That 4% is the percentage that the American brand calculates that thanks to the foam and its integrated carbon fiber plate throughout the sole improve the running economy.

It is a shoe that allows you to go faster making the same effort. In this way, with the data and records on the table, the debate about its possible ban is opened.

The situation is reminiscent of what happened in 2009 with the polyurethane swimsuits, which helped the swimmer to "float" more easily and keep the body longer out of the water, which gave a great advantage.

The FINE He chose to ban them after the World Cups in Rome, although the records were kept legal. The records of 50 breaststroke and 50, 100, 200, 400 and 800 free male They are still valid since then.

Why the International Athletics Federation (IAAF), has not met to analyze some shoes that are changing the history of their sport? Simply to clarify as soon as possible (also from an economic point of view, send a message to the brands) if they are legal or not.

And in this section is where the president of the IAAF, the British Sebastian Coe. The double Olympic champion was the image of Nike for 38 years, a relationship he had to cut in a mandatory way when he was elected to his current position. Making the decision to ban or not the shoes does not seem to have to come from a man who has been linked to the brand for almost 40 years.

Anyway, athletics, after one of the best World Cups in its history, is in luck. He debate of technological doping It is open and all the sport asks for an official resolution as soon as possible.

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