Is it possible to collect the Minimum Vital Income at the same time as a salary or a subsidy?



One of the star measures of the coalition government was the creation of the Minimum Vital Income, a measure that aims to guarantee economic claims. After a year and a half in operation, more than 800,000 people benefit from the IMV.

The fact that the Minimum Vital Income is not only an aid, but a supplement for familiesmost vulnerable, makes it compatible with salaries, unemployment or even the rent bonus. Therefore, there is no fixed amount, but it depends on factors such as the members of the family unit or the salary received annually by the entire household.

So that to collect the Minimum Vital Income, the income must be lower than what is established by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration.

Thus, if in a family of one adult and two children the income for a job is 600 euros per month, the IMV guarantees that the minimum is reached (in that case it would be 894.77 euros).

In other words, the IMV serves to pay the difference in the event that a family unit does not meet the minimum income established.

What is the maximum amount that can be collected with the Minimum Vital Income?

With the increase in non-contributory pensions of 3% from 2022, the Minimum Vital Income has new maximum amounts to be charged annually:

  • An adult: 5,889.6
  • An adult and a minor: 8,967.39
  • One adult and two minors: 10,737.27
  • One adult and three or more minors: 12,507.15
  • Two adults: 7,669.48
  • Two adults and one minor: 9,439.36
  • Two adults and two minors: 11,209.24
  • Two adults and three or more minors: 12,979.12
  • Three adults: 9,439.36
  • Three adults and one minor: 11,209.24
  • Three adults and two or more children: 12,979.12
  • Four adults: 11,209.24
  • Four adults and one child: 12,979.12
  • Others: 12,979.12

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