August 7, 2020

Is it mandatory that the notary will be based in the same place where the apartment is purchased?


I bought a house in Madrid and I'm going to sign the mortgage. I have a notary of my trust who does not charge me anything, but lives in Toledo. The bank tells me that, although I can choose a notary, he must have the notary in the same city where the house is located. Are you cheating me? (Consultation Jaime de Luis)

Responds Ferran Font, director of Studies of

It is especially important to know that we all have the right to choose the notary with which we will sign the mortgage. This right is the consequence of another equal or more important that is to receive in a timely manner the objective and necessary legal information to be able to decide with knowledge before the signing of the mortgage, as well as any contract.

Usually banks have usually recommended a notary for reasons of trust or proximity, although it is the buyer who has the last word so you can choose your trusted notary


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