Is Griezmann invited to Luis Suarez's party, like Messi and Neymar?

The Uruguayan of Barcelona celebrates his 10 years of marriage

Luis Suárez and his wife, Sofía Balbi, celebrate their ten years of marriage on Thursday at a party where they will renew their oaths and will celebrate it at the Fasano Hotel in Punta del Este in Uruguay. Do not there is official list of the names of those present. The workers at the party will have prohibited the access and use of their mobile phones or even talk to the guests ”, sources have assured EFE.

What is clear is that Messi and Neymar are invited to the party and they are going to join the Uruguayan in the celebration to make it clear that they are still very friends and that they are crazy to join again in a football field.

It is not clear, however, that Griezmann is going to go, the player who now plays Neymar in Barcelona and who is having a hard time finding the connection with Messi and Luis Suarez in the field. The French have not yet achieved the harmony that Neymar did. The Brazilian and Messi take advantage that they spend their Christmas holidays not far to go to what is supposed to be a great party.

Sofía Balbi and Luis Suárez married 10 years ago and have three children. In this celebration they want to share their happiness with their friends after the first ten years of marriage.


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