Is El Canto del Loco returning? Dani Martín suggests in a video the return of the band

Dani Martín, in the taxi, in the mysterious video he has shared on Instagram.

Dani Martín, in the taxi, in the mysterious video he has shared on Instagram.

The crazy’s song It was one of the most important pop rock bands on the Spanish music scene in the late 90s. Dani Martín, David Otero, Jandro Vázquez and Chema Ruiz They became true idols, but in 2010 and after the drummer had left shortly before, they announced that they would continue their careers separately and that the group was disbanding. However, a video posted on Instagram this sunday for Dani Martin has sown doubts – and unleashed enthusiasm – among fans, because that crying goodbye may not be final. It would not be the only band from those years that now meet again. See She dances Alone.

October 6 on the horizon

The video in question shows the singer of ‘Whatever I like’ as a passenger in a taxi, stopping at a red light. The driver recognizes him and then takes the opportunity to start a conversation with Martín: “Hey, excuse me, are you …?” “Yes,” he replies. “My daughter loved you!”, Continues the taxi driver. “Thank you very much,” says Martín. Then the taxi driver begins to sing one of the group’s ‘hits’ (‘Shoes’: “I want to go into your den with slippers / Don’t look at me badly when I pass / I’m tired of always the same

The same story, I want to change … “), and exclaims:” What songs more good! “.” Thank you, “Martin answers. Then the taxi driver stares at him and says:” Hey, you’re very handsome, aren’t you? “” Well, very kind, “he answers and smiling. Finally, she doesn’t he resists and asks him directly: “So … Is El Canto del Loco coming back?” Martín remains silent, cast in black, and a date is October 6, 2021.

Reunion with the origins

Is that the date of the return of El Canto del Loco? Will the group return just for a concert? Will there be a tour? In recent interviews with Los40, Martín announced that he would return to his origins in his new job: “I found myself again with the songs of El Canto del Loco and I decided to record 10 songs in my studio after confinement. We have made an album that for me represents what that was El Canto del Loco, his spirit, his attitude … “, said the singer.

Created in 1994 by Dani Martín and Iván Ganchegui, El Canto del Loco published five studio albums and it sold more than a million copies in the market, becoming one of the most important bands on the Spanish scene between 2000 and 2008.


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