July 27, 2021

Irresponsible and unsupportive sport – La Provincia

ANDI am sad, angry, upset with how sport is behaving and facing the very serious situation that the world is experiencing due to the pandemic that the Covid-19 virus has generated. The numbers speak for themselves; The impact of this virus on the population is terrible, more than 23 million infections and 800,000 deaths in the world, but in the Canary Islands we have not been on the sidelines of this health tragedy, with 2,538 infected and 167 deaths.

Given this, I expected a reasonable, proportionate response and, above all, responsible for all sectors to go back to normality. Because it is true that we needed to recover our lives gradually. That the economy imperatively had to be activated, but without deceiving ourselves, without stopping looking back and with a clear objective, all contribute collectively and individually to stop the virus and its spread.

But unfortunately it has not been like that; some have shown their most selfish, irresponsible and unsupportive side. I did not expect it from sports people, that if it has always been characterized by something, it is the opposite.

We have started to activate part of the sector that did not touch, that does not touch, sports leisure, and also among the youth. It is true that young people and adolescents have the least impact the virus has had on them, which does not mean that it cannot circulate among them, and therefore, be a vehicle of transmission to their relatives, parents, grandparents?

I am attending horrified, from the first day the State of Alarm was lifted, as federations, sports clubs and companies in the sector have started to organize events where hundreds of people gather to carry out different activities or sports disciplines.

Leisure activities … Do you really play leisure with the dead still on the table? Does it seem responsible to you, does it seem necessary, does it seem supportive to you with 14 active cases in the ICU in our hospitals, with 94 active hospitalized in plants and 1,767 active in homes in the Canary Islands today?

Someone recently told me very proud that he had a hundred children enrolled in his summer clinic in the month of July and 80 in the month of August; I listened puzzled. That they do not want to sell me measures against the virus, they are children between the ages of six and 17, it is crazy to ask them for responsibility at these ages, they want to run, touch, play and mix with each other, it is inevitable.

I see company races, cycling championships, sports clinics being advertised. basketball or soccer ?. What is this? Someone is going to stop this, some sports politician can stop this at once.

Fortunately, I read that a sports event that was supported and promoted by those responsible for sports policy has been canceled by the Ministry of Health. Could the General Directorate of sports, the councilors of the town councils with powers and councilors of the town halls put order in all this? Controlling any source of risk to the minimum expression, we are still on time. Let’s wake up.

Sport must once again be an example of sacrifice, responsibility and solidarity towards our society, and not under any circumstances be the cause of risks and, ultimately, the spread of this scourge that is destroying us as a society.

Juan Carlos Arteaga Vizcaino. former professional athlete


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