October 27, 2020

Iriarte says that Urkullu “has zero credibility because he says he is not going to make cuts but he is already doing it”

Iriarte has carried out these demonstrations at a rally in the Gipuzkoan town of Tolosa, along with Nerea Kortajarena, number two on the list of EH Bildu by Guipúzcoa, where he has claimed “the value of the word given and the commitments assumed before the citizens”, since “to govern you have to have a word”.

The candidate of the sovereignist coalition has affirmed that for EH Bildu “there are no electoral promises, but rather commitments.” “And we fulfilled them: we said that we were going to evict the PP in Madrid and we did it, that we were going to remove Maroto from the Vitoria City Council and we did it, that we were going to remove UPN from the Navarrese Government and we did it,” he reiterated.

Along these lines, Iriarte has contrasted the “reliability” of EH Bildu with the “lack of credibility” of the PNV and has denied the promises that Urkullu has been making about the cuts that are coming if he wins next July 12.

“He says that he is not going to make cuts. How is he not going to make cuts? If he is already making them. He has cut in health, in social policies, in education. This same week he has cut the number of teachers. Urkullu has zero credibility “he has remarked.


Along these lines, EH Bildu’s candidate for lehendakari has alluded to the mobilizations that the unions are developing these days against cuts in education and health. “Urkullu has achieved what nobody had achieved: to unite all the unions to denounce their cuts. And does he still want us to believe that there will be no cuts?” He insisted.

“I am going to tell you the story of Urkullu’s furtive love with the PP. During these years we have demanded even boredom to reverse the social cuts. And what has Urkullu done? Embrace the PP to keep the cuts. Four days ago, he agreed. the budgets with Rajoy in Madrid and here he agreed with the PP to keep the cuts “, he maintained.

For her part, Nerea Kortajarena, number two for Guipúzcoa, has revealed “what the true electoral program of the PNV is, without wrapping or cellophane.” “Sovereignty? There is no right to decide. Health and education? Cuts. Employment policy? What Confebask commands. Industrial policy? Live on income. In short, neither the right to decide nor advanced social policies”, has affirmed.


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