February 25, 2021

Irene Montero responds to Sánchez that in Podemos we are all "independent of the Ibex and the powerful"

In a press conference after the second meeting of the confederal table of United Podemos, Montero has assured that they do not lose hope of reaching a government agreement with the PSOE in July, "before the holidays", despite the intention of the socialists to go "to a failed investiture" with the aim, he says, to put pressure on PP and Citizens.

For this reason, he reminds Sanchez that in Unidas Podemos we are independent people from the power companies, the vulture funds or the CEOE, who do not arrive "with stones in their backpacks" and who must sit down and negotiate the "for what" and the teams, and do it without any kind of veto.


"We are independent of the big electricity companies to lower the price of electricity, people independent of vulture funds to regulate the price of rents, people independent of the CEOE to guarantee stable employment and above all so that the president's designs are not fulfilled that has raised the electoral repetition, in short we are independent people of the Ibex 35, independent of the powerful ", has listed Montero.

In this way, the 'number two' of Podemos responded with irony to the acting president and the PSOE disfigured his "inability" to share government and his insistence on "monopolizing armchairs", while returning to the idea that since they will not put vetoes to names of the PSOE, hopes that from the socialist formation they do not put them to those that proposes United We can either.

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