June 20, 2021

Irene Montero, Noelia Vera, Isa Serra and Idoia Villanueva second Belarra in a list to the leadership of Podemos led by women

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero; his Secretary of State, Noelia Vera; the current state spokeswoman for the party, Isa Serra; Idoia Villanueva MEP; and the PAH activist and recently elected deputy to the Madrid Assembly, Alejandra Jacinto. They are the people who accompany Ione Belarra in her candidacy for the General Secretariat of Podemos. Six women who head a list that wants to reflect a “feminization” of the new leadership of the party, after its founder, Pablo Iglesias, resigned on May 4.

Ione Belarra: "We need the strongest Podemos to make Yolanda Díaz president of the Government of Spain"

INTERVIEW | Ione Belarra: “We need the strongest Podemos to make Yolanda Díaz president of the Government of Spain”

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The process of the IV Citizen Assembly of Podemos covers a new stage this Thursday with the publication of admitted applications. For the General Secretariat, three of the seven pre-candidacies that were nominated have been admitted. In addition to Belarra, those registered will be able to choose Esteban Tettamanti or Fernando Barredo. They are the only ones who have met the conditions defined in the statutes to appear in the primaries: collect 500 endorsements and present the political and organizational documents, as well as a list associated with a minimum of 21 components.

These lists have been published this Thursday. And that of Belarra, who had already revealed as a continuation proposal of the previous address, holds few surprises. Sources of the candidacy of the current Minister of Social Rights highlight a “clear commitment to growth and strengthening” at the territorial level, with 11 integrated regional coordinators: Maru Diaz (Aragon), Conchi Abellan (Catalunya), Antón Gómez-Reino (Galicia ), Pablo Fernández (Castilla y León), Martina Velarde (Andalusia), Jesús Santos (Madrid), Pilar Garrido (Euskadi), Pilar Lima (Valencian Community), Javier Sánchez Serna (Murcia), Irene de Miguel (Extremadura) and Laura Fuentes (Canary Islands).

The objective declared by Belarra is to try to tackle two of the challenges indicated by previous directions: de-stem the party and strengthen the organization in the autonomous communities “to be able to grow electorally and aspire, with Yolanda Diaz as candidate, to be the first force of the Government “.

In the first positions, the entry of what was one of the signings of Iglesias on his list to the Community of Madrid, Alejandra Jacinto, stands out, who thus points out that he will assume important responsibilities both at the state level in Podemos and in the Assembly, in the United We can group. The party’s number two hitherto, Irene Montero, will keep her post. And Vera, who was already a spokesperson for Podemos, rises through the ranks.

Next, at number 7, will be the current parliamentary spokesman, Pablo Echenique. He is followed by the Secretary of State for Social Rights, Nacho Álvarez, and the deputy spokesperson in Congress, Sofía Castañón. Deputy Rafael Mayoral closes the list of the top 10.

Belarra calls this way for her future direction, except for a surprise in the primaries that is not expected, the majority of the Podemos members in the coalition government, the regional leaders, the incorporations she announced (the actress María Botto and the ex-athlete Roberto Sotomayor) and a good part of the outgoing leaders. He falls from the candidacy of his own free will the former Secretary of Organization, Alberto Rodríguez, as well as the current third vice president of Congress, Gloria Elizo, who was already absent of the process of the III Citizen Assembly due to insurmountable differences with Pablo Iglesias.


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