Iraqi women can now enter soccer fields - La Provincia

The women in Iran they will live a special moment this Thursday when for the first time in 40 years They can go freely to watch a football match, which will measure the men's team against Cambodia at the Azadi Stadium in the capital Tehran.

The Iranian government said on September 19 that the "preparations" had begun so that women could go to the football fields, although "initially" the measure is going to be limited to the men's national team matches.

The authorities have enabled entrances, toilets and separate areas for women in the Tehran Azadi Stadium, where Iran plays most of its matches and where Cambodia will be measured in its second match of the qualifying phase for the next Qatar World Cup of the year 2022. In addition, there will be an additional deployment of police officers so that women can enter and leave the premises safely.

The president of Iran, Hasan RohaniHe has been in favor of lifting the discrimination of access to women in force since the Islamic Revolution four decades ago, but the conservative dome has slowed any progress in recent years.

In this way, women can go to cheer up their selection without problems practically just one month after an Iranian girl, Sahar Khabazi, known as 'the Blue Girl' for her support of the colors of her team, the Esteghlal, died recently after catching fire in protest for having been convicted after trying to witness a match.

Since the Islamic Revolution of 40 years ago, women were forbidden to be on the stands of football stadiums because of the strict rules of their religion, and only through costumes and false beards could they skip them with the risk of being severely punished if they had been discovered.

And while the country's political class has been gradually abandoning this ultraconservative attitude to be more open-minded, the clergy, who continue to exert a powerful influence, have been completely reluctant until now.

"Women's visit to the stadium is the first success of their resistance to discrimination," 'Iranian politician' tweeted 'Shahrbanoo Amani, while another politician, who wanted to remain anonymous, remarked that "what neither President Hassan Rouhani nor his ministers could do was made possible by women." "This Thursday, the history of Iran will be rewritten at the Azadi Stadium," wrote an amateur on social media

For this first qualifying match for the Qatar World Cup 2022, only 5,000 of the almost 100,000 seats on the premises have been arranged for women, although this number is already significantly higher than the nearly 100 fans who could see last year's friendly against Bolivia, mostly relatives of players and managers federative

Between 3,500 and 4,000 tickets were made available to women for purchase 'online' in four special stands and all were sold in a few minutes, while, according to the newspaper 'Etemad', at least two other sections of the stadium will be available For the fans.

"We need to have women going to the stadiums, we need to press for this with respect, but in a strong and forceful way, We can not wait any longer", the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, appealed at the end of September, who has even threatened to sanction the country without being able to go to Qatar 2022 if he does not take the final step on this issue.

However, the measure will not be implemented at the moment in the matches of the Iranian league, so women will still not have permission to see local tournament games such as the derby between Esteghlal and Persepolis, which arouse much attention in the country .

"We must think and act step by step. The first step has already been taken and others will follow"reassured the Iranian vice president for Women's and Family Affairs, Masoumeh Ebtekar.

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