March 9, 2021

Iraq accuses the US of trespassing diplomatic rules by criticizing Iranian interference

Iraq accuses the US of trespassing diplomatic rules by criticizing Iranian interference

The Iraqi government has accused the United States of "trespassing" the limits of diplomatic norms after the US embassy asked Iran to respect the sovereignty of Iraq and disarm the Shiite militias present in the country.

The United States "transgresses diplomatic norms and mutual respect for the sovereignty of countries, which is a principle established in international law," the Iraqi Foreign Ministry said in a statement late on Saturday.

In this regard, he indicated that Iraq "rejects interference in internal Iraqi issues, especially in the cases of internal security reform and the position of the security forces, dominated by the authority of the prime minister."

The text asks the US embassy to "erase statements, which are not consistent with international rules and regulations" and avoid "repeating" them in the future.

Last Wednesday, the US embassy in Baghdad called on Iran's Facebook account to "respect the sovereignty of the Iraqi government, disarm and demobilize the Shiite militias," alluding to the pro-government Shiite militias Popular Multitude, present in Iraq.

The declarations of the diplomatic legation were made before the reimposition by the US of the sanctions to Tehran, which will come into effect tomorrow, November 5.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on November 2 that all sanctions that existed prior to the Comprehensive Plan of Joint Action (JCPOA), signed with Iran in 2015, and stressed "will be the hardest in history "of the Persian country.

The oil industry, financial transactions of the Central Bank and the Iranian port sector are in the spotlight of these sanctions that will come into effect at 00.01 local time on Monday, November 5 (04.01 GMT).


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