March 4, 2021

Iran warns US UU that their Armed Forces are "more powerful than ever"

Iran warns US UU that their Armed Forces are "more powerful than ever"

Iranian President Hasan Rohani warned the United States today that the Armed Forces of Iran are "more powerful than ever" and denounced that US policies have only brought "destruction" to the Middle East.

In a speech on the occasion of the Day of the Army, the president said that both the skies and the waters of Iran are "safer than ever" thanks to the Army and, he said, to the Corps of the Guardians of the Revolution.

The celebration of today's military parade is especially relevant because on April 8 US President Donald Trump appointed the Guardians terrorist group.

The Revolutionary Guard, a branch of the Armed Forces founded after the Islamic Revolution of 1979 to protect the Shiite theocratic system of Iran, participated as usual in the parade and received again the support of the leaders of the country against the measures of the States. United.

"Everyone saw that the town was and will be united in support of the Guardians (…) Insulting the Guardians means insulting the Armed Forces and the great Iranian nation," Rohaní stressed to those attending the military parade, held at the south of Tehran.

Surrounded by the military leadership, the president praised the "fundamental role" of the Army and the Guardians both in defending the country and in helping the population during the recent devastating floods.

He also thanked his role in the fight against terrorism in Syria and Iraq, where the Revolutionary Guard has sent military advisers and coordinated the Shiite militias in the battle against the jihadist group Islamic State (IS).

On the situation in these countries and in the Middle East, Rohaní denounced that EE. UU opted to "support militarily the terrorists" and that their policies only "have brought misery and destruction to this region."

"They never thought that the people of the region with the help of Iran could expel them (the terrorists) from the region." Therefore, the United States is furious because it has not been able to advance its plans, but the road it has taken. opted is wrong, "he added.

In the opinion of the president, the United States "does not want stability in the region" and neither does Iran want large military capabilities.

Terrestrial, naval and air forces marched today in Tehran and in other cities to celebrate Army Day.

At the Tehran stop, they were displayed among other tanks, armored vehicles, fighters, and different types of missiles and radar systems, some adorned with photographs of the late Ayatollah Ruholá Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic, and the supreme leader, Ali Khamenei


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