March 8, 2021

Iran ordered a British ship not to interfere in the capture of the tanker

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard ordered the British warship "HMS Montrose" not to interfere in the capture of the tanker "Stena Impero" on the 19th, according to a video accompanied by audio of the communications released today.

"He is ordered not to interfere in this mission," the Revolutionary Guard Navy patrol says to "HMS Montrose," called on the F-236 audio.

The Iranian ship is identified and also warns the British ship to "not risk its life", shortly after announcing that the tanker "Stena Impero" is under his control.

The Revolutionary Guard published images of the capture of "Stena Impero" at the time, but not the conversations he had with the "HMS Montrose".

However, the spokesman for the Guardians, Ramezan Sharif, reported last 20 that a British warship tried to prevent the arrest of the tanker in the Strait of Hormuz.

The Iranian authorities justify the arrest in which the "Stena Impero" breached the navigation rules, something that London and its shipping company deny.

The capture came two weeks after the British Navy seized the Iranian oil tanker "Grace 1" in Gibraltar for suspecting that it was transporting crude to Syria.

Iran's Foreign spokesman, Abas Musaví, said today that for Iran it is "unacceptable" for a European country to seize one of its tankers by "US order" and that it considers this movement "a violation" of the 2015 nuclear agreement, of which The United Kingdom is one of the signatories.

Tension in the Persian Gulf has increased in recent months and both the United States and the United Kingdom have proposed sending a naval force to escort ships, an option that Iran believes may aggravate the crisis.

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