February 26, 2021

Iran describes the proposal of a European fleet in the Persian as "hostile"

The Iranian government today called the proposal of the United Kingdom to form a European fleet to protect the Persian Gulf from a "hostile" measure that will increase tension in the area and urged London to release the Iranian tanker held in Gibraltar.

"Such measures (creating a European naval mission) are threatening in the current circumstances, carry a hostile and provocative message and will increase tensions," said government spokesman Ali Rabieí at a press conference.

Rabieí reiterated that Iran is "the largest security provider" for navigation in the Persian Gulf and that it should be guaranteed only by the countries of the region.

The United Kingdom called to form a European mission to escort ships in the Persian Gulf after the British flag tanker "Stena Impero" was captured by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard on the 19th.

The Iranian authorities say the ship was stopped for breaching the navigation rules, a point Rabieí insisted on today, but another reason behind the incident is the retention of the Iranian tanker "Grace 1" at the beginning of the month in Gibraltar.

In this regard, the spokesman said that the United Kingdom must "put an end to this robbery and release the ship," arrested on suspicion that it was transporting crude oil to Syria, a country subject to European sanctions, something Tehran denies.

The option of an exchange of oil tankers to solve the crisis has been raised by several Iranian officials and Rabbi stressed that, if "Grace 1" was released, Iran would also make "a decision based on goodwill."

The Persian Gulf has been the scene of numerous incidents since last May, including attacks on tankers and tankers, for which the US has held Iran responsible.

The Iranian authorities have denied their involvement in these attacks but the demolition of a US drone was attributed on June 20 to which Tehran accused of violating its airspace.

To reduce these tensions, but not to mediate, according to the Iranian Government, the Oman Foreign Ministers, Yusef bin Alawi, are in Tehran, who met today with Iranian President Hasan Rohaní.

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