July 4, 2020

Iran denies violating its commitment to the United Kingdom over super-oil

The Iranian authorities today denied having violated their commitment to the United Kingdom in relation to the transfer of the cargo of the "Adrian Darya 1" oil tanker to Syria, as London reported on Tuesday.

The Iranian ambassador to the United Kingdom, Hamid Baeidineyad, who was summoned yesterday to the British Foreign Ministry, said in a message on Twitter that oil has been sold "at sea" to a "private" customer.

"Despite the innumerable threats from the United States, the tanker sold his crude oil at sea to a private company and clearly has not breached any commitment," said Baeidinejad, referring to Washington's pressures, which has even offered a reward to the boat captain if you approach it to any country that is willing to seize it.

The "Adrian Darya 1", formerly "Grace 1", was arrested in early July by British Marines in Gibraltar for suspicions that he was transporting oil to Syria, a country under European sanctions, and was only released after receiving guarantees from Tehran That was not his destiny.

The super-oilman, sanctioned by the United States, unloaded a few days ago his 2.1 million barrels of crude oil in a place not specified by the Iranian government, but at that time he was off the coast of Syria and with his transponder off.

The Iranian ambassador also said today that European sanctions on Syria do not apply to Iran.

In a statement made yesterday, Tuesday, the British Foreign Minister, Dominic Raab, condemned that Tehran did not comply with the "guarantees" offered to Gibraltar and considered proven that in this way "has transferred oil to Syria and the murderous regime" of the president Syrian, Bachar to the Assad.

Iran's actions "represent an unacceptable violation of international law and the United Kingdom will raise this issue with the United Nations at the end of the month," Raab said in the note.

The capture of the then "Grace 1" in Gibraltar triggered a diplomatic crisis between London and Tehran, aggravated when in mid-July the Iranian Revolutionary Guard captured the British flag tanker "Stena Impero" in the Strait of Hormuz.

Iranian authorities have accused "Stena Impero" of violating navigation rules, something both London and its shipping company deny.

On this ship, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said last 9 that its case is in "the latest legal proceedings" and expressed hope that "it will be released in the near future."

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