July 4, 2020

Iran adds a new breach and exceeds the allowed level of heavy water

Iran has slightly exceeded the amount of heavy water it was allowed to store under the agreement closed in 2015 with the major powers to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed in Vienna today.

"Iran informed the Agency on November 16 that its heavy water reserves have exceeded 130 tons," a spokesman for that UN agency, responsible for monitoring compliance with the agreement, told Efe today.

According to that source, the IAEA verified the following day that the heavy water production plant is operational and that Iran already has 131.5 tons of that material, above the 130 allowed by the agreement.

The remodeling of the Arak heavy water reactor, to prevent it from producing plutonium, a material with civil and military applications, was one of the restrictions imposed on Iran to ensure that it could not be done with a short-term atomic weapon.

In exchange for limiting its atomic program, Iran saw several international sanctions lifted.

The revival of Arak had already been announced last May by the Iranian authorities within its strategy of progressively breaching the agreement in response to the new sanctions imposed by the United States, which unilaterally abandoned the pact last year.

Iran has been increasing the quantity and purity of its enriched uranium, another dual-use fuel, above what is allowed, and has reactivated machinery and facilities for that purpose not allowed in the agreement, with the aim of pressing for the Union European compensates him for Washington's sanctions.

Iran had already exceeded in the past the amount of heavy water it was allowed to store, in a temporary breach that was resolved allowing it to export the excess abroad of that material, which also has medical applications.

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