Iran acknowledges that it shot down the Ukrainian plane due to "human error"

The Iranian Armed Forces acknowledged on Saturday that they shot down the Ukrainian plane with 176 people on board "involuntarily and through human error", after two days of denial of this hypothesis, raised by several countries.

According to the statement, the error was due to "in that very delicate and crisis situation" the Boeing 737 was located near a military center of the Guardians of the Revolution with "a height and a flying position of an enemy target" .

The Armed Forces explained that following the threats of the US president, Donald Trump, and commanders of that country to "take as a target a series of places in the territory of the Islamic Republic in case there is a reciprocal operation (...) they were at the highest level of alert. "

Shortly before the demolition of the Ukrainian plane, Iran had carried out a missile attack against an air base in Iraq that houses US troops, in revenge for the murder days before General Qasem Soleimaní in a selective US bombing.

The note also pointed out that the error was motivated by "the unprecedented increase in air movements in the region," especially "war flights of US forces around the country."

"In that situation, due to a human error and unintentionally the plane was attacked and the martyrdom of a group of our countrymen and some foreigners was provoked," the Armed Forces admitted.

On the Ukranian International Airlines (UIA) plane, 169 passengers were traveling, including 82 Iranians and 63 Canadians, although the latter were mostly of Iranian origin, and nine Ukrainian crew members.

The device crashed south of Tehran last Wednesday shortly after taking off from the Imam Khomeiní international airport bound for Kiev, causing the death of its 176 occupants.

Speculation about the possibility of a demolition case began the same day of the incident and took on an official tone when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday that his government had information that the Boeing 737 was hit by "a land missile - Iranian air. "

However, yesterday, throughout the day, both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran denied the missile hypothesis.


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