March 6, 2021

IPROCEL, a benchmark company in the energy sector – La Provincia

IPROCEL, whose registered office is located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is a multinational dedicated to the provision of services oriented to the energy sector, industrial, infrastructure and oil & gas. The company, which started its activity focused on electrical testing and testing, has progressively increased its portfolio of services integrating the areas of engineering, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance. This has allowed him to offer an integral solution to his clients, being able to carry out turnkey projects of power plants and substations.

Founded in 1993, IPROCEL celebrated its 25th anniversary as a benchmark in the international energy sector. After starting its journey in the islands, IPROCEL quickly knew how to identify the potential of projects abroad and, with the help of its business development department, began working in countries such as Jamaica, Peru or the Mauritius Islands, among others. Nowadays IPROCEL accumulates projects in more than forty countries.

Continuing with the company's internationalization strategy, starting in 2014 it establishes a network of
subsidiaries in emerging markets through which it has consolidated its expansion process. The company currently has a permanent establishment in Bolivia, Chile, Canada, the United States, Israel, Morocco, Mexico, Peru and South Africa, with a total workforce of over 350 professionals.

More than 25 years of experience and projects in 40 countries guarantee the trajectory of IPROCEL

IPROCEL, whose references in projects total more than 35,000 MW of installed capacity, has experience in all types of technologies in the generation area. Although his initial experience was focused on conventional energies (thermal power plants, diesel groups, etc.), in recent years he has made a firm commitment to renewable energies, offering his clients integral and customized solutions in photovoltaic, wind farms , biomass, solar thermal, etc. It is also worth mentioning the participation in several tenders for the start-up of Offshore wind projects in Northern Europe, in collaboration with other Canary companies in the sector.

The energy transport and distribution area is also a strategic business line for IPROCEL, being one of the approved companies to carry out vacuum testing and substation maintenance services for REE. Regarding the main references in this type of facilities, the participation in the start-up of the Parnaiba substation, in Brazil, with a voltage level of 500 kV stands out.

The company's continuous growth in recent years has brought several awards, highlighting the 2017 SME award granted by the Chamber of Commerce of Las Palmas. Additionally, in 2018, IPROCEL was selected by the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CEPYME) among the 500 Spanish SMEs that are leaders in business growth. All this is backed by an extensive portfolio of clients, among which the main technologists, energy generators / traders and multinational construction companies stand out.

Unique calibration laboratory in the Canary Islands

Last November the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) granted IPROCEL the accreditation 251 / LC10.25 for the activities of calibration of electrical magnitudes. In this way, IPROCEL becomes the only company in the Canary Islands that has a calibration laboratory accredited in the area of ​​electrical magnitudes according to ENAC regulations. In a complementary manner, IPROCEL has carried out a framework contract with several national laboratories in order to provide a comprehensive calibration service to its main customers in the energy sector.

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