June 20, 2021

Ione Belarra leads a continuing candidacy for the first address of Podemos sin Iglesias

The IV Citizen Assembly of Podemos this Thursday crosses a flying goal: the presentation of the candidacies. The list with the most options to win the June primaries will be headed by Ione Belarra, who has designed a continuing candidacy for the first leadership without the party’s co-founder and leader since 2014, Pablo Iglesias. Irene Montero, Rafael Mayoral, Noelia Vera, Nacho Álvarez, Juanma del Olmo, Pablo Echenique, Idoia Villanueva, Isa Serra or Jaume Asens, among others, are names that will be repeated in the next State Citizen Council. The Minister of Social Rights also has members, such as the actress María Botto, the athlete Roberto Sotomayor, or the recently elected deputies in Madrid Alejandra Jacinto or Serigne Mbayé. There are also reinstatements, such as Diego Cañamero, Miguel Ongil or Noemí Santana.

Farewell in two acts of Pablo Iglesias, the man who proposed to storm the skies and managed to be vice president of the Government

Farewell in two acts of Pablo Iglesias, the man who proposed to storm the skies and managed to be vice president of the Government

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Podemos has published this Thursday the names of all the candidates who have registered for the primary process of the IV Citizen Assembly, convened in an extraordinary way after the resignation of all their positions by Pablo Iglesias, re-elected just a year ago, after the result of the May 4 elections. Up to seven people run for the General Secretariat, although the candidates are unknown or with very few options to win the election. They are Fernando Barredo (Castilla-La Mancha), Esteban Tettamanti (Madrid) or Rubén Sánchez (Valencian Community), Emilio García Palacios (Madrid), José María Amenábar (Euskadi) and Rafael Garde (Euskadi). Now they must collect the necessary guarantees to ratify their options,

Belarra, who will launch her campaign this Saturday in Valencia, has counted for her project with the majority of the team that has accompanied Iglesias in all or part of his stage. Except for the already former Secretary of Organization, Alberto Rodríguez, who recently announced that he was not going to run for a new mandate, the main names of the past addresses will repeat in the next State Citizen Council. The Minister of Equality and number two of the party with Iglesias, Irene Montero, his Secretary of State, Noelia Vera, Deputy Rafael Mayoral, the party’s head of Communication, Juan Manuel del Olmo, the state spokesperson, Isa Serra, or the Secretary of State for Social Rights, Nacho Álvarez, are some of the most prominent names on Belarra’s list.

They are not the only ones who repeat. Jaume Asens, current president of the parliamentary group and headliner of En Comú Podem in the general elections, is on the Belarra list. Also the candidate of the common and party leader in Parliament, Jessica Albiach. The secretary of the Board of Congress, Javier Sánchez Serna, the civil guard Juan Antonio Delgado, the leader of Podemos in Galicia, Antón Gómez Reino, the feminist activist Beatriz Gimeno, the party treasurer, Dani Frutos, the manager, Rocío Val, or the MEP Idoia Villanueva are also on the list. Other names that will return to the Citizen Council are those of Txema Guijarro, general secretary of the confederal group, Ángela Rodríguez, Julio Rodríguez, Teresa Arévalo, Javier Cañadas, Lucía Dalda or Vicenç Navarro.

In the field of incorporations, the presence of some of the people who accompanied Iglesias on the 4M lists stands out, such as the PAH lawyer Alejandra Jacinto, who gains a lot of weight within the group in the Madrid Assembly, or the union leader of the manteros, Serigne Mbayé. Lilith Verstrynge enters the CCE as a candidate from the same list. Among the novelties another two stand out: the actress María Botto and the athlete Roberto Sotomayor. Or that of the activist in networks Julián Macías.

Another chapter is that of reincorporations, such as the historic Andalusian agrarian union leader Diego Cañamero, the former Canarian general secretary, Noemí Santana, or the former Madrid deputy Miguel Ongil.

Also on the list are some prominent regional leaders, such as Jesús Santos (Madrid), Irene de Miguel (Extremadura), Pablo Fernández (Castilla y León), Conchi Abellán (Catalunya) or Pilar Lima (Valencian Community).

An express process ending on June 13

With the publication of the pre-candidacies, the assembly process really begins, which will end on June 13 with the proclamation of the new leadership, including the person who will replace Pablo Iglesias in the General Secretariat.

On May 27, the ordered lists and the organizational and political documents of each team will be published. Voting will take place electronically between June 6 and 12.


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