Ione Belarra, elected secretary general of Podemos with 85% of the votes

Ione Belarra is the new secretary general of Podemos. The Minister of Social Rights has prevailed in the primaries of the IV Citizen Assembly of the party with 45,753 votes out of the 53,443 cast by party members, a figure that announced on Saturday. Belarra has thus achieved 85.6% of the votes. valid votes. Your list to the Citizens Council, the highest governing body, has also prevailed in an election that has garnered the lowest turnout of the four assembly processes held by the party since its founding in 2014.

Irene Montero, Noelia Vera, Isa Serra and Idoia Villanueva second Belarra in a list to the leadership of Podemos led by women

Irene Montero, Noelia Vera, Isa Serra and Idoia Villanueva second Belarra in a list to the leadership of Podemos led by women

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The assembly that has chosen the successor of the founder and main figure so far, Pablo Iglesias, has thus closed without surprises. Except for the rise of Belarra, few developments at the political and organizational level are expected from a direction in which many of the main leaders of Podemos in recent years have repeated, although with some additions. Irene Montero, Noelia Vera, Isa Serra or Idoia Villanueva will be some of the people with the most projection in the future executive, in which names such as Rafael Mayoral, Pablo Echenique, Nacho Álvarez or Jaume Asens as a liaison with the common by Ada Colau, among others.

Belarra’s rivals have fallen far behind in the vote. Fernando Barredo has obtained 3,106 votes and Esteban Tettamanti, 2,730. There have also been 1,854 blank votes. Without counting those blank votes, the support received by Belarra reaches 88.7%, which is the result officially communicated by Podemos.

The newly elected secretary general of Podemos, Ione Belarra, has demanded in her first speech at the head of the party “to build a new country against the hatred of Columbus”, in reference to the rally against pardons for Catalan prisoners that has been held this Sunday in Madrid with the presence of PP, Vox and Ciudadanos.

Accompanied by some of the people who will have the most influence on the next executive of the party, Belarra pointed out at the closing of the conclave that “the rights are once again petrified in a black and white photo in the Plaza de Colón. confrontation, corruption and the defense of their privileges is the only way of doing politics that they know. ” And he has settled: “Spain does not deserve this opposition.”

Belarra has assured that their work at the head of Podemos must allow them “to go out and win the elections and be the force that leads the coalition government” in the next legislature. The Minister of Social Rights has assured that the party will continue “working to comply with the Government agreement, with 35 deputies and 5 ministers, we will do wonders and change what we can change.” But Podemos was not born to govern in the minority, “he added. “We do not resign ourselves, we do not renounce any objective: equality between men and women, access to housing, fight against the climate emergency, achieve the redistribution of wealth, create a public company that stands up to the oligopoly and lower the bill of the light, that singers are not persecuted for saying that the Bourbons are thieves or achieving a Spain that is a plurinational republic, “he pointed out.” The changes will be proportional to the strength of Podemos, “he assured.

“Even if it bothers them, we are winning”, defended Belarra, to finish: “To grow and to win. Until we conquer a country in which all people have the right to be happy. Yes, we can!”


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